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Amazon, Apptis Partner on FedCloud

Like most cloud providers, Amazon Web Services is positioning itself to be a player in the Obama administration’s ambitions to shift much of the federal government’s infrastructure to the cloud. Earlier this year Amazon was pitching established government IT contractors on the benefits of building offerings atop its cloud computing platform. AWS is now partnering with Apptis, an experienced player in the government IT arena.

A hard drive worth millions?

Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure is now serving as the back-end for Apptis’ FedCloud, a service launched last year to offer “Federally Compliant Trusted Computing.” TechFlash reports that Amazon and Apptis filed a joint response to an RFQ from the General Services Administration seeking infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings. Apptis spokeswoman Piper Conrad told TechFlash’s Eric Engleman that the two companies are also “finalizing a general partnership.”

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