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A missed Jasa Pembuatan Website opportunity: PC energy use

ComputerWorld points out a stark disparity between green IT hype and actual practice for Jasa Pembuatan Website Desktop IT managers.

  • Forrester Research says only 13% of IT managers have implemented wide-scale power management for PCs.
  • The EPA estimates that 10% or less of all enterprise Jasa Pembuatan Website PCs have their power management features turned on.

It’s not that they don’t care. Only 9% of those surveyed by Forrester had no interest in PC power management.

More likely is that the approximately $50 per year savings per PC doesn’t incite action, especially when the perception is that power-managed PCs under-perform.

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This will change as energy costs rise and power management techniques become less and less disruptive.  At the same time, storage power Jasa Pembuatan Website consumption continues to decline across the board, reducing energy use for every minute of every day.  Jasa Pembuatan Website Take for example the Seagate Momentus 7200, Seagate’s highest performing notebook drive.  It uses close to the same amount of power as its cousin the Momentus 5400 drive.

Rather than guess, let’s hear from IT managers. Why haven’t you enabled power management across all of your PCs? For more information how to get Jasa Pembuatan Website, visit http://www.digitalart.co.id/



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