Small to Medium Enterprises Hard Drives in Demand

What’s in a name?

SMBs in Europe are called SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises).

This fits – especially for small to medium sized companies where technology plays a strategic role.  If you visit virtually any technology manufacturer or OEMs website, you’ll see links to solutions for Small Business, SMB, Enterprise, Government, Education, etc. What makes a solution small business, or enterprise for that matter?

Sure, historically most large companies deploy “enterprise” class solutions, and most small businesses deploy “entry level” or “multipurpose” solutions. But aren’t the lines blurring a bit?  Aren’t many large companies choosing to go with “SMB” solutions from a cost perspective?  And aren’t many SMBs put off by technology marketed to them that are merely scaled back “enterprise” solutions?

This may be the case on the solution side, but when it comes to hard drives, what you see is what you get, and depending on what you need, there’s an “enterprise” hard drive designed to meet that need.

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Western Digital Enterprise RE4-GP 2TB SATA 3 Gb/s 3.5″ 64MB IntelliPower Internal Hard Drive – OEM/Bare

Price: $148.00

stars 3 5. V192238357  Small to Medium Enterprises Hard Drives in Demand (21 customer reviews)

11 used & new available from $148.00

“SMBs” have enterprise needs… I guess that’s one reason our European friends call them Small to Medium Enterprises.

Small or Medium it may not matter… what matters is are you an enterprise?

logo seagate Small to Medium Enterprises Hard Drives in DemandHere is the original: Storage Means Business @ Seagate


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