Seagate or HP…win win for small biz

02 October 2009 | Categories: Data Technology
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49daac3cf85da497d9970f2e4bb8ef57 Seagate or HP…win win for small bizThe small business network storage market gets even more crowded, but there is always room for a leader like HP who has a long history of providing solutions for the SMB market. This time, they are focused on the very small business market.

HP has entered the game with their StorageWorks X510 Data Vault series designed for small businesses with up to 10 Mac OS X or PC clients . This product goes head to head with Seagate’s BlackArmor NAS family of small businesses network storage solutions.

Much like the BlackArmor NAS440 or 420, the HP X510 has 4 drive bays to house 1.5TB SATA hard drives for a total integrated capacity of 6.0TB. BlackArmor uses Seagate drives up to 2.0TB for a total of 8.0TB.

Nonetheless,  HP is a welcome addition for VARs serving very small business.  When Seagate launched BlackArmor, we asked BlackArmor – Trustworthy? Seagate’s made hard drives for over 2 decades, so small businesses wondering if you could trust Seagate with your data…you probably already do.

The same could be said for HP.

Check it out.

logo seagate Seagate or HP…win win for small bizHere is the original post: Storage Means Business @ Seagate


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